about albertine

In 2003, the inimitable Kyung Lee opened her first store – Albertine – featuring talented, young designers in need of showcasing their work.
Since then, she has been devoted to creating a home for smaller brands – a place for people to spend time, discover exciting designers, and get fashion advice in an intimate environment. Albertine has become a destination for finding timeless, beautiful clothing and objects, as well as the place to go for unique gifts.
In 2009, Kyung debuted Delphine, her in-house line, creating one-of-a-kind garments for all occasions. This past year, she opened Albertine General, featuring antique, contemporary, and custom jewelry from a wide array of designers.
Kyung has inspired a strong, loyal following of customers and fans. She has been featured in the press as one of New York City’s tastemakers, her instincts and advice to clients a valuable and coveted resource